About me

You may have come here looking for my food blog, which had I zealously updated and maintained over the past 15 years or so. The nickname Demandy playfully meant my insistence on demanding only the best and most delicious eats, as I have been known for. It may or may not have to do with my at times bossy and persistent nature. But the food blog is resting in archive now so that I can present my thoughts about philosophy, self-discovery and psychology. The past two years have been a time of tumultuous change, critical self-reflection, and spiritual evolution. With those changes came the desire to openly share some of the things I have learned by reading over 45 books and counting about inner life.

I am still a great lover of food but now have less enthusiasm for writing about it, and instead want to focus on sharing what I’ve learned. I have gained more inner peace, self-control and authenticity, and I still have far to go. I want to share because I worry that serious, thoughtful conversation isn’t considered important in our society. I hope that by sharing my struggles and lessons, I can give hope to others who feel overwhelmed with life. Don’t lose hope when you see the perfection that others portray so that they can hide their own struggles. It’s ok to struggle and we can be stronger together.

My intentions for this blog are the following:

  • Share insights that I am learning from some of my favorite self-help, philosophy and psychology books
  • Share my vulnerability and express authenticity without fear
  • Inspire others to take time to explore their inner selves, admitting to and revealing their shadows and freeing themselves from denial
  • Encourage deeper conversations with each other and our children so that we can all grow up healthier
  • Develop our communities to help us all grow stronger together